Space Science Facts

I'm Manivasagam, a electronics Engineer by profession, a SEO Analyst & Blogger by passion, enthusiast about Space & Science .

I Started this blog back in 2009 with a blogger url : mani4astro.blogspot.com , in the beginning i shared facts about Astronomy & Space science with whatever knowledge i learnt through TV / Books.

The interest for learning new things, especially the interest towards Technology and Space / Science had been in high spirit, thanks to programmes broadcasted in Science Channels like Discovery , national geography.

It simply started with questions like, Where to we come from, Where do Humans come from, how the universe evolves, myth surrounding Moon Landing .

How does the earth rotates & what's the science behind it , these are some of the questions that pushed me towards searching for more knowledge on these subjects on web.

I've recently moved from blogger to www.spacesciencefacts.com domain , here i'll be sharing some interesting facts on SPACE & Astronomy whenever i've time.

If you've interest in contributing to this site, please do let me know at mani@sparktrix.com .

Thanks :)