Ariane 5 Launched GSAT-18, Sky Muster II Satellites into its Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit

UPDATE : GSAT-18 successfully launched into its Geo Stationary Orbit .

INSAT  / GSAT-18 :
Weighs : 3404 Kgs
Mission Life : 15 Years
Power :  6474 W from Solar Arrays, Two 144 Li-ion Batteries

ISRO's GSAT-18 Satellite which was scheduled to be launched by Ariane-V on October 5th, from Ariane Launch Complex No.3 from Kourou, French Guiana has been postponed to October 6th, 2016 due to bad weather.

Both GSAT-18 and Sky Muster II satellites will be launched into Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit to provide telecommunication services .

The Launch Mission duration is 32 minutes 33 sec for the rocket to lift-off and separate satellites into its orbit .

Arianespace had already orbited 19 satellites for ISRO , GSAT-18 will be 20th successful mission to place Indian satellite into geostationary orbit .

The co-passgenger of GSAT-18, Sky Muster II is 2nd satellite launched by Arianespace for NBN ( National Broadband Network ) of Australia , it is aimed to improve digital connectivity in the rural and isolated regions of Australia .

Date : October 6, 2016
Launch Time : 02.00 AM - 03.15 AM IST
Launch Location : Kourou, French Guiana
Launch Vehicle : Ariane-5
Satellites : 02
Country : India , Australia

More info will be updated with Launch Video / Pictures .

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