5 Facts on Largest Rocket in the World: Space Launch System Core Stage ( SLS )

Space Launch System Core Stage Facts

NASA's new rocket the Space Launch System ( SLS )  which will be the largest rocket in the world to be launched with Orion spacecraft in 2018 .

SLS is so large that it is designed to carry huge payload , crew to long distance missions including Mission to MARS .

NASA will conduct deep space explorations with SLS to various destinations .

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Facts on Core Stages of Space Launch System :

Here are various facts about Space Launch System ( SLS ) core stages ,

It is being built by the prime contractor Boeing at Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans .

As NASA is preparing for the mission, on september 30th, the welding on the Core stage was completed successfully .

NASA says more than 1.7 miles ( 2.7 Km ) of welding completed on the core stage of the rocket .

Length     : 212 ft ( tall )
Diameter  : 27.6 ft
Empty Weight : 188,000 lbs ( 85275 kg )
Material    : Aluminium 2219
Number of Engines : Four
Engine      : RS-25s
SpaceCraft : Orion
Launch Day : 2018

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1. Engine Section : 

- Delivering propellants from LH2 and LOX tanks to 4 RS-25 engines.
- Avionics to steer the engines
- Booster attach point

2. Liquid Hydrogen Tank (LH2 )

- Holds 537,000 gallons of LH2, cooled to -423 degree F

3. Intertank :

- Joins LOX and LH2 tanks
- Booster attach point
- houses avionics and electronics

4. Liquid Oxygen Tank :

- Holds 196,000 gallons of LOX cooled to -297 degree F

5. Forward Skirt :

- Houses flight computers, cameras and avionics which is brains of the rocket .

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Space Launch System, Core Stage

More info on SLS / Orion will be updated on Space Science Facts .

Image Credit : Nasa.gov

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