Watch Elon Musk's Mars Mission Plan Details 2016, Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species

SpaceX Founder, CEO Elon Musk discussed plans on How SpaceX would send Humans to Mars. The technical presentation outlines everything from Rocket engines to Colonizing Mars by Human Population of around 80,000 to 100,000.

Musk said, the self-sustained life on Mars would be possible and would take around 40-100 years .

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Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species :

Elon Musk has plans to send 100 - 200 people to Mars with less amount of cost per people . It's a technical presentation presented at International Astronomical Congress 2016 .

Watch the complete video to get an idea of How SpaceX would send Humans to Mars, How the Mars Mission will take place, What type of Rockets be used to transport humans to Mars .

The size of spaceship / rocket / booster / tankers / engines everything has been discussed on this video by Elon Musk.

How the propellant be produced in the Mars, How many days will it take to Reach & Return from Mars .

The first Test of the Raptor engine will take place in 2018 and other parts of the mission will also be conducted in collaboration with NASA & other space agencies / Govt .


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