10 Facts on How SpaceX Would Send Humans to MARS Mission Plan

We've shared Elon Musk's announcement on sending Humans to MARS Mission which will begin in the year 2018 .

Elon Musk hopes to attain self-sustained life on MARS, it would require at least 40 - 100 years to achieve that .

To make colony on MARS , 80,000 to 100,000 humans would be needed which Elon believes possible to make .

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EARTH to MARS Mission Architecture :

Mars Mission architecture,mars mission plan,Mars Mission Stages,spacex,MARS

Facts on SpaceX's MARS Mission :

Why MARS ?

The nearest Planet which has atmosphere suitable for Humans to Live from Earth is MARS . The distance between MARS and Earth is also considered than to other Planet which are far away making it even more difficult to reach them .

The availability of CO in the MARS would help to make propellant to travel beyond or to & from earth .

atmosphere in mars,atmosphere in earth,earth vs mars,mars vs earth

Full ReUsability :

By using Full Reusability SpaceX believe to reduce cost of travel as well as the efficient .

earth to mars,mars mission,plans for mars
ReFilling in Orbit :

Refilling in orbit would help to reduce size of spaceship
spacex spaceship,stage separation,falcon9

Producing Propellant in MARS :

Propellant production on MARS would make it possible to humans to return to Earth when they need .

The Right propellant to be used for MARS Mission is CH4/ o2 which has following advantage over other propellants .

fuel for Mars mission,propellant,Ch4/o2

Carbon-Fiber Primary Structure :

By using Carbon Fiber primiary structure which has high strength , corrode resistance, less weight .
Mars Mission Rocket,Launch Vehicle,Reusable Rocket vechicle

MARS Vehicle :

MARS Vehicle that SpaceX would deploy would be the biggest launch vehicle capable of carrying payload to LEO of 55,000 . 

It would stand a height of 122m , with Tank diameter of 12m , expendable payload to LEO of 550t . Check out how it compares with Saturn V .

Specs of MARS Vehicle,MARS Vehicle,SpaceX,MARS Mission

Raptor Engine :

SpaceX would use Raptor engine on its mission to MARS which can produce Thrust of 3,500 kN from fuel Subcooled liquid Methane .

raptor engine,MARS Mission engine,space rocket engine,spaceX,rocket engine for MARS mission

Out of total 42 raptor engines, Only the center cluster will gimbal while all other 35 rings will be fixed .

Engine Configuration,Raptor Engine,SpaceX,MARS Mission SpaceShip,Spaceship engine

Booster to be used in the MARS Vehicle stands at 77.5m Height, with 12m diameter capable of carrying propellant mass of 6700 t .

Booster will return to earth within 20 - 30 minutes and lands vertifically , so that it can be reused to other launches .

MARS Vehicle Booster,Booster,SpaceX,Mars Mission Rocket Booster

MARS Spaceship :

It can carry upt 100 people with luggage, food, equipments of around 450 tonnes .

MARS Spaceship,configuration,SpaceX

From Interplanetary space, the ship enters the atmosphere , either capturing into orbit or proceeding directly to landing .

Using its aerodynamic lift capability and advanced heat shield materials, the ship can decelarate from entry velocities in excess of 8.5 Km/s at Mars and 12.5 Km/s at Earth .

MARS,SPACEX,Propellant in MARS,Propellant Production in MARS,Type of Propellant

Initially SpaceX would place a small propellant plant on MARS which will be expanded with future missions to produce high volume .

Timeline :

First launch to take place in 2018 where SpaceX would send unmanned Spacecraft to MARS with equipment .

The first Human to MARS will be sent in the year 2024 .

MARS Mission Timeline,SpaceX,MARS,Stages of MARS Mission,Earth to MARS Mission

Source : SpaceX .

What do you think of SpaceX's plan to send Humans to MARS ? Share your thoughts . 

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