India's First Space Shuttle RLV-TD - ReUsable Launch Vehicle Mission Details

Reusable Launch Vehicle Technology Demonstrator

Indian Space Research Organization ( ISRO ) has indigenously developed Reusable Space Launch Vehicle to be used in possible future missions .
If successfully passed the tests, it will reduce the space launch missions significantly . 

NASA used Space Shuttle to transport Payload to and from ISS ( International Space Station ) floating in Low Earth Orbit .

Although it would take at least 10 - 15 years for the final version to put into action, ISRO has series of tests lined up this year and the years to come to test each of the specific functions .

For example, today's launch is to test Hypersonic Flight Experiment (HEX ) , and the next test would be Landing Experiment ( LEX ) .
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ISRO RLV-TD Mission Details :

RLV-TD : Resuable Launch Vehicle Technology Demonstrator

First Test : May 23, 2016

Launch Mission : HEX

HEX  : Hypersonic Flight Experiment

Rocket : HS9 Booster

Stages : Two Stages To Orbit ( TSTO )

Weight : 1.2 Tonnes

Altitude : 70 Km

Launch Site : Sriharihota

Mission Status : Success

Mission Purpose : To test Hypersonic flight experiment on re-entry into earth atmosphere with velocity 5 times higher than the speed of sound .

The RLV-TD would require Airstrip of 5Km in length , as of now there's no Runway with that distance in the country.

Hence the RLV-TD will fall into Bay Of Bengal 500 Km off of coast .

ISRO RLV-TD Mission Questions Answered :

Hope i've answer some of common questions like

What is RLV-TD ?

It stands for Reusable Launch Vehicle Technology Demonstrator

What is the mission of ISRO RLV-TD ?

To launch Satellites into Space with reusable vehicle cutting down the huge costs of making one time launch vehicles .

Like SpaceX Dragon Spacecraft which is used to supply ISS's payloads , India's RLV-TD will help do similar roles .

What is the purpose of launching Reusable Launch vehicle today ?

To test Hypersonic Reentry experiment while entering into earth from space .

What is the budget cost of developing ISRO's RLV-TD ?

According to media report, it cost around 93 crores for the development of RLV-TD prototype .

When is the Next Mission of RLV-TD be launched ?

It is expected ISRO will launch RLV-TD LEX mission in June 2016 to test Landing Experiment of the vehicle.

What's your thought on ISRO's achievement on the first reusable space launch vehicle technology ?

Is it too late ? Share your comments with me .

Source : Wikipedia | ISRO

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