[ Watch Live ] SpaceX Launches Dragon SpaceCraft CRS-8 with Expandable Habitat to ISS

SpaceX is launching a Dragon Capsule on a Falcon 9 Rocket to deploy on Low Earth Orbit ( LEO ), this is 8th such mission by SpaceX for its Commercial ReSupply Service ( CRS ) contract with NASA, from Cape Canaveral, Florida at 4.43 PM ET on April 8th, 2016 .

Mission Details :

Dragon Capsule carries 7000 pounds ( 3175 Kg ) of Science Research experiments, Foods & supplies to the International Space Station ( ISS ) .

This particular space mission will also help test the use of expandable space habitat which NASA calls it BEAM - Bigelow Expandable Activity Module .

Lift Off Time : 4:20pm ET

LEO Deployment : 10 minutes after liftoff

ISS Attachment : After 2 Days

Return : After 30 days

Payload :

  • Foods
  • Research Materials to conduct 250 science and research investigations
  • BEAM ( Bigelow Expandable Activity Module )

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How BEAM Inflation Works on Space Station :

As you can see on the animation, the capsule expands from its normal size which gives extra space for astronauts.

Before Expansion Dimension  : 5.7 Ft long, 7.75 ft diameter

After Expansion Dimension : 13 Ft long, 10.5 ft diameter

Weight : 3000 pounds

Basically, instead of carrying larger modules, a inflated capsule like this would gives extra space to conduct more experiments .

How will the BEAM capsule be deployed to ISS ?

International Space Station has Canadarm, the 57.7 ft long robotic arm that is being used by astronauts to deploy , maneuver payloads will be used to capture Dragon Capsule .

The BEAM will then be ported , astronauts will then carry out experiments on the inflated space .

How to Watch SpaceX Dragon Capsule Live ?

It's live on SpaceX's youtube channel. If you face difficulty watching on our site, please head over to the official youtube channel .

After 10 minutes into the launch , Dragon will separate from Falcon 9 Rocket and deployed into Low Earth Orbit .

Exactly after two days ISS crew will use the Robotic arm to capture the Dragon and dock to ISS .

The Dragon will then return to earth after nearly a month stay on ISS .

Watch SpaceX falcon9 rocket launch with dragon capsule live on NASA Web as well as on youtube .

Source : NASA | SpaceX

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