SpaceX Dragon Capsule Manned SpaceCraft Complete Detailed Infographic with Falcon 9 Launch Vehicle


SpaceX Dragon Space Manned SpaceCraft Infographic

If you ask " What is Space X ? Dragon Space Capsule ? " the answer is as given below,
The Dragon space capsule designed in a way which will carry seven astronauts  to and from low-Earth orbit on various missions by both NASA - Govt Space Agency as well as through Private Space Researchers .

There are two solar arrays powering the Dragon Spacecraft ,  a crewed version of the robotic Dragon spacecraft developed by SpaceX (Space Exploration Technologies) . The Space X is located in of Hawthorne, California , U.S.A .

Previously Unmanned Dragon Capsule was launched by SpaceX's Falcon 9 Rocket . Now , the all new Space X manned dragon capsule will serve NASA's needs of transporting astronauts to and from the International Space Station ( ISS ) .

SPACEX Dragon for MARS landing :

NASA and the SpaceX team believes strongly , that this SuperDraco escape system used in SpaceX could also be employed for landings on other planets , including Mars.

Here is the Infographic of the SpaceX Dragon Capsule ( manned ) with all its parts noted,

SpaceX Dragon Capsule :

> Two Solar Panels
> Crew Module
> Side Hatch
> Forward Docking System
> Nose Cap
> Parachutes
> Maneuvering Thrusters
> Can allow Crew of 7 Astronauts
> Launch Vehicle for SpaceX dragon Capsule is Falcon 9
> Height of the Vehicle is 20.4 Ft

See inside SpaceX's passenger-carrying Dragon space capsule in this infographic.
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