Hubble Telescope finds New LIFE in Ancient Galaxy

NASA's Hubble Telescope finds LIFE on our universe.
It reveals new star birth in the ancient elliptical galaxy NGC 4150, located about 44 million light-years away.
Its combine views are taken in visible light , near-ultraviolet with Hubble's Wide Field Camera 3. Ultraviolet light in this image traces the glow of young stars.

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In large-scale image, NGC 4150 looks very much like a typical elliptical galaxy. The dark threads of dust in the workplace, however, tentative evidence of recent galaxy merger. The inset image shows a magnified inside view of the galaxy's core part.

The blue areas show a recent flurry of star birth.The land is about a astouning 1,300 light years across and to blink our eyes its stars in this area are less than one billion years old.
The Hubble observations reinforce the emerging view that ancient elliptical galaxies as much deeper into the space.Its been a continuous effort made by U.S space agency to reveal more and more informations about our Galaxies and to collect data beyond its boundaries.

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