Top Ten Facebook Apps you might use

Hi friends,there may be a person without a girl friend but cannot be without Facebook now !! Thats the situation now.While Thousands of people are signing up everyday all of them might not know ,How to use facebook effectively.Facebook: The Missing Manual

Also you can watch someone profile ,where he may be just get into a new application ,that poping out in all his friends feeds.We find more and more Facebook Apps seem to pop up everyday. Luckily here is the top ten apps you can grab for you..!!!
  1. Status King - Displays the top 25 facebook status updates of all times amongst other awesome things.  This app rocks.
  2. iLike - Very cool music app that allows you to add some songs to your FB page.
  3. BirthdayCards - Don't just write on your friends walls, send them a card!
  4. Causes - Causes strives to empower people from all walks of life to have a positive impact on the world in which they live.
  5. How Well Do You Know Me - A classic quiz to embarrass your "so-called" friends.
  6. TweetDeck - Link your twitter & facebook.
  7. My Year in Photos - Reviews your photos posted in the past year in a fun nostalgic manner.
  8. YouTube Box - Add YouTube videos to your Facebook page.
  9. Xbox Live - Link your Xbox Live account and Facebook.
  10. FriendFeed - Connect all your social networks with FriendFeed.
Facebook For DummiesYeah ,the facebook is the Top in all social networkin sites,how they reached this peak..?Facebook For Dummies
Still if i miss anything that is very useful ..?
Just leave it in comments..!!!

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