Removable Chewing Gum


Chew it ..degrade it :

Well,it might sound like it so..? Ya development not only take place to degrade the Plastics and other harmful wastes disposed by human,but also here comes a soluiton for the degrading of bubble gums.

You might chew a gum and spit it over when it loose its taste or somthing you teeth gets little pain...ha ha..
Mind it :   *Dont spitt bubble gums or anything you chewed over Public places.
                 *Dont buy some gums which are over dosed with Chemicals for the purpose of taste

Friend imagine if your city streets were left pristine,and spoted unstained by those unattractive black chewing gum splotches(might be u spitted sometime back).Revolymer, is a spin-out company from the University of Bristol,which has recently invented this removable chewing gum.What special is that,it can easily be cleaned up with just soap and water! or make it degrade ..!!

The gum,named as  Rev7TM, degrades into minerals and biodegradable materials when spitted down the drain.If the gum Once placed in water,it takes approximately six months to disintegrate into powder form.

You can't get it now from the store...coz it announced to avail for the sales by next year.!!

If you find any new inventions are new ideas of your own,just share it with world....!!
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