your grandma can now instant message you

Why this post..?
Its time to get connected with all of our family.....!!!Ya i'm sayin all of your family!!
we mostly spend time chatting,instant message on popular sites like facebook,orkut,twitter with friends,and sometimes with strangers but we dont communicate with our family ,to mean exactly our grand ma,grand pa...who if dont know to use computer to send you a that the real fact that separate you from your beloved one..?

Many of our parents and grandparents, who don't use computers,have to depend on telephone calls from you to communicate with.This is not the situation they have to is a invention for you ,that could provide a solution for with a new technology arrived that can read text hand-written on papers and then it convert it as a html message to your desired mail id.
What is celery..?
The All new Celery looks like a printer machine and operates like a fax machine.

celery,grand ma,fax machine,printer,invention
You just feed your text message written on a paper..!!

celery,grand ma,fax machine,printer,twitter,facebook,instant message,invention

It get what u inserted n convert it to HTML and send it to your beloved ones..

celery,grand ma,fax machine,instant message,invention
                                                (this child is pretty happy reading her Grandpa's message..!!:) )

Not only can you send HTML messages, but you can send color photos in JPEG, RTF, GIF, TIFF, or PDF email attachments.The interesting news is that the Celery even support for RSS feeds, blogs, Twitter and Facebook.(isn't it enough for ...)
What it offers n its cost..?
Currently the Celery is sold  for $
They offet users free for the first month,later on which they can subscribe to  black and white or a color monthly or yearly service.

Hope This Technology will be more useful..!!
may me if it comes to INDIA,its sales will reach the peak..u got it what i mean..?
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