Space Shuttle's Cockpit deck

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Orbiter flight deck: main section of a space shuttle.
Altitude and vertical speed indicator: system that indicate to the astronaut the exact altitude and speed of the orbiter in real time.
Cockpit window: part of the cockpit cabin that lets the astronaut to see outside space.
Air vent: mechanism used for ventilating the cockpit.
Control level: stick used to steer the orbiter.
Electricity distribution console: lighted panel indicating the state of the electric system to the astronauts.
Fuel piles console: lighted panel indicating the operation of the fuel batteries in the shuttle.
Specialists seats: mission specialists seats.(who specifies the performance of the crew)
Commander's seat: the shuttle commander's seat.
Keyboard for on-board computer: system used to access and control the on-board computer.
Command console propellants and exterior tank: panel which is used to control the repair of the thrusters and the available external tank.
Cabin atmosphere control system: system which is  used to regulate the cabin atmosphere of the orbiter.
Pilot's seat:  Seat for the Pilot's
Monitors for on-board computer: system used to control the on-board computer systems.

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