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My Crazy Love for Science

My interest in this field of science came at the very early childhood , when i was doing my school itself ,those time i dont even have access to TV, in my home. We're not alone, almost 4 out of 10 home have had no entertainment at that 1996's, because INDIA was not deveoped that much.

If i want to see any programs or anything ,me along with those friends had to go neighbuour home and see what they are viewing , not what we want to watch .

The funny fact is that you have no options to select a Channel, because DD ( Doordharshan) was the only Channel we had to spent time with that time Ha Ha..

Another funny thing, In those days ,people who owns a TV,Radio,Big Home were considered the Rich one .

Apart from the school time, i Spend Most of the time on Drawings, n craft thing that comes out of my imagination, that had no limits.

I hav interest even now to draw and sketch art works, (if you gave me your image ,hope i would draw it in somewhat good quality look..) but i have no time todo that these days .. everything goes Digital now :)

Then remaining,i was dreaming about my unimaginable thoughts,
when me n my kiddy friends saw flight flying above sky,we ran and shout something like : heyy heyy ,its silly to think that now..

There i start thinking about the invention,and lot of questions arise out of my mind..

- How is it ?
- How it is flying?
- What makes it to look small?
- How bigg it would be if seen real size?
- Can we make it for us ?

Ohhh...i know you are thinking (its too much ),hm..?
its true ..
but later i have gained some knowledge and till now some questions are unanswerd or i cant find answer for that.

What am i saying is that my INTEREST came only from the lack of source,which make me to know those, learn and think more n more...

Nowadays we've hundreds of tv channels, and there is TV at every home , infact some state govt is providing free tv's , what all these to mean to the students - the futures of India ?

Do they air good programs in native language to watch and gain some knowledge ? No , Not at all ..
all they do is telecasting tv serials each day , and every mom is becoming addict to mega serials , and doesn't it affect childrens studies ? growth in knowledge ?

Those days brought many inventions without even tvs , pcs, internet , but with all these sofisticated life , and digitalized world ? There is less, very less number of inventions are coming in .

Awareness should be brought to Students, Childrens, to grow up their ideas, build them to bring some change in society .

Share your comments, thoughts as well :)

M Manivasagam
( Last update - Oct 2013 )

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