Know What is Astronomy ? The Simple Definition About Astronomy

What is Astronomy ?

In simple definition,

Astronomy is the Study of Universe beyond the Earth's atmosphere. Rather through the use of Astronomy explains the evolution of the universe and through sound mathematical simulations forecasts its development.

Although Astronomy has been there in for thousands of years and which is perhaps the oldest science known,but it is only in the last century and most probably particularly the last few decades that we the human have developed the technology to study the universe in greater detail and found lot more.

Every day we are gathering lot of new data's on everything from galaxy formation to the black holes to the big bang itself using high end array of multi-wavelength telescopes on the ground and also in space (for example HUBBLE telescope).

In next post, we'll learn about What is an Astronomer , Astronomical Telescope, and Facts on Astronomy on Space Science Facts

Difference Between Astronomy and Astrophysics :

You should know that both term is different from each other in great extent,because
Astronomy is the study of outer space in which the planets, the moons, the sun and other stars, galaxies,asteroids,comets etc. all fall under astronomy.

We should not be confused Astrophyiscs with astronomy,
Astrophysics is the study of the physics or composition of celestial bodies.

Basically, it covers gas, matter, energy, light that comprises of planets, stars, galaxies, etc.

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