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Micro Flying Robots Can Fly More Effectively Than Flies

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Engineers have long been working on in their attempts to fabricate micro aerial robots that can able to match the amazing flight capabilities of nature’s most advanced flying insects ¾ flies. 

Such robot flies,if they could be made effective enough means that could be used for a various useful tasks, from spying, to mine detection to search and rescue missions in collapsed buildings.

The scientists had tested this with many experiments to know how much energy it consumes..?

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Based on the results they have found that, during lift of it took little more strain (low speed) and while it flies i ts design of the blade like what a helicopter have,make it move faster and consumes only 50% power.

It made engineers to develop further that can revolutionise the Micro-Robot Technology

Update : There are even more variants of Micro Flying Robots available today , with increase in the innovation , research , development , it is made possible .

You might also seen such Micro Robots being used in Hollywood Movie such as G.I JOE RETALIATION .

There are 

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how to buy this ?
where to buy this ?

You cant buy it

It's not yet released for public .

I'll update on when it comes to market :)