What is the Difference Between PSLV and GSLV Rockets ?


If you know already what is PSLV and GSLV , it is easier to know the difference between the two, First thing both are launching vehicle, which carries some payloads or rockets and place it in a location where it is programmed to do so or targeted .

Both PSLV and GSLV are developed and operated by ISRO ( Indian Space Research Organisation ) , the engine which GSLV employs is Cryogenic which is not yet fully developed by India .

What it differs between PSLV and GSLV ?

There are so many factors that differentiate between the Two Launch Vehicles, know them right below,
  • Different stage of boosters
  • Thrust it generates
  • Fuel capacity
  • Engine adaptivity
  • Orbital positions
  • Hight upto which it can place Satellite.

Most important factor for GSLV vs PSLV

PSLV ,images

 In the PSLV, we first ignite the core motor and the vehicle lifts off. Then the strap-on motors are ignited.

But in the GSLV, we first ignite the four liquid strap-on motors and check them for performance. After a gap of 4.6 seconds, the core solid stage is ignited. This gap is to confirm that all the four strap-on motors have developed the required thrust.

The difference between PSLV and GSLV is basically the GSLV have Cryogenic Engine and whic can develop more thrust (than PSLV) and it can consequently take heavier Satellites to above 36000 kms above our Earth.

GSLV is mostly used for launching GEO stationary satellites into orbits , if you have questions to ask, please write it on comment box , i'll try to reply as soon as possible .

Nowadays, in India , ISRO - Indian Space Research Organization which mostly uses PSLV rockets to launch commercial satellites into orbits .

I'll be updating more about Space Science Facts on this blog .

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