Converting sound waves into Electrical power that power your phone

Do you want to charge your mobile phone,but dont have electric power at that time..? while you are talking to your girl friend..?

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Can you imagine,i'm talking about the mobile itself which act as a electric power generator..!!! funny to hear..?

Ya It's possible that in the future your voice conversations that have sound waves can be converted into electrical signals within your cell phone that could generate enough electrical power to run the phone, without the need of a batteries.

And not only just phones. This technology, which converts mechanical stress like vibrations into electrical signals,could power more range of similar products or sensors.

It was by Texas researchers, who discovered that by building a certain type of piezoelectric material to a specific thickness (about 21 nanometers, compared to a typical human hair of 100,000 nanometers), you can boost its energy production by 100 percent.
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Nowadays most of Mobile devices and wireless sensors rely on batteries, and which the battery technologies are relatively heavy and expensive too. So-called "energy harvesting" technologies can convert one kind of energy, such as vibrations or solar rays, into electricity.

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