Chainless Bike with steel rope

A Hungarian design team has unveiled a new chainless bike, powered by steel wires,You can take along with you to anywhere as its easy  to disassemble and can be reassembled  for touring or racing.

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The “Stringbike” uses two steel cables instead of Chain(we are using in ordinary bike) attached to pulleys, which move on swinging kidney-shaped discs as you pedal. The discs replace a traditional round gear system, and you can install different discs depending on your needs, according to the Web site Hungarian Ambiance.The video may explain the concept.

The position of the pedals determines the position of the discs, so that they swing in opposition
we can say it,with both pedals on your foot ,one is always pulling the bike forward, while the other lags behind.This allows the pedal creates easy transmision ,and the ride a full of fun and excitement.

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