A Bee can Detect your diseases

You might have heard of dogs that can detect diseases in humans beings.Thats the word you can say it for bees too,ya ,now bees can also be trained to do it too.

We know Bees have good sense to smell anything,with this fact in mind researcher Susana conducted to smell Human air using Pavlov's reflex, bees can be trained within minutes to detect specific disease-revealing odours in people's breath.

Susana Soares has developed a strange-looking glass apparatus that you breathe into, while bees in a separate section of the bowl react to what they smell

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Just if we breathe into Susan's Strange looking Glass apparatus,bees that kept inside the separate dept can detect your body medical conditions like lung and skin cancer,tuberculosis and even pregnancy.

Since our honey-making friends learn quickly and travel long distances with ease, they might someday be called upon in fture to sniff out bombs and landmines,too..

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