Acid Rain the Rising Destruction to Our Natural Living - Causes, Effects, Solutions to Prevent Acid Rain

Acid Rain
Acid rain, one of the most important environmental problems of all,and the fact which cannot be seen naked. The invisible gases that cause acid rain usually come from automobiles or coal-burning power plants(all is in our hand).

Causes of Acid Rain :
The primary causes of acid rain are sulfur dioxide(so2) and nitrogen oxides(No). These chemicals are released by certain industrial processes, and as a result, the more industrialized nations of Europe as well as the US suffer severely from acid rains.

Most sulfur dioxide comes from power plants that use coal as their primary fuel to operate. These plants emit more than 100 million tons of sulfur dioxide,which is about 70% of total caused in around the world.

Its only the Automobiles which  produce about half of the world's nitrogen oxide. As the number of automobiles in use increases rapidly , so does the amount of acid rain too increases enormously. Power plants that burn fossil fuels also contribute significantly to nitrogen oxide emission.(we can't stop production 4 tht)

Natural causes also exist in adding these gases to the atmosphere. Fires, volcanic eruptions, bacterial decomposition, and lightening also greatly increase the amount of nitrogen oxide on the planet.But you know,even a gigantic explosion made by a volcano is only equal to what one coal power plant produces per year..!!! Think how much we the human took part in this competition..?

Acid rain comes down to the earth in the form of rain, snow, hail, fog, frost, or dew. Once it reaches the ground, the acidity in the substance can harm and even destroy both natural ecosystems and man-made products.such as Cars finishes,etc..

Effects of Acid Rain :

Because it is mainly caused by industrial processes, automobiles, and power plants, those countries that are developed have the most severe acid rain problems. However, as the undeveloped nations begin to industrialize to reach its goal of developed nation(isn't it..?), acid rain will increase greatly.

Many ecosystems are affected by acid rain. Bodies of water, such as lakes and rivers, see many of their inhabitants die off due to rising acidity levels.Acidic water also ruins some of the plant nutrients, hurting plants' ability to survive and to give life to other organisms.Human-made products are also experiencing degradation from acid rain. Cars can lose their finishes, and outdoor statues are beginning to rust.

Solution to Reduce Acid Rain :
It is because of Human,so only Human can implement methods to reduce the acid rain.Businesses such as power companies and car makers oppose controlling acid rain because they fear the effects on their profits.

They can use coal with a low sulfur content, they can remove the sulfur from smoke their plants release, and they can limit processes known to generate high levels of acid rain.Environmentalists advocate the installation of sulfur cleaning scrubbers in factories, washing sulfur out of coal, and finding new methods of burning coal.

 Power plant operators are looking for less expensive solutions to the problem.Individuals can help by conserving energy or driving their cars less. Governments can pass laws restricting pollution levels.It have to be strictly reduced so the future can live ..!

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I once tried to bathe in acid rain. Bad idea.

@Troy ,You're right may be in near future,you would be take bathe in lake or river,where three will b acid rain this is what will happen...

an example for you to know,

Place chalk in the vinegar. You will see some bubbles of carbon dioxide appearing and after about ten minutes the chalk will have dissolved completely. So you see what it's capable of doing to buildings,cars ,may be to human tooo..

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i love this song!!!

It is true, hopefully we can stop it. It would be hard, but we can try.

Yes, only if we take necessary steps and bring it into action rather than speaking words :(

thanks for your comment :)