The Mercury

The Sun is the Leader and Their Soldiers are this nine planets as discovered so far.....
and the one which is near to the SUN is Mercury...

planet Mercury from NASA's Mariner 10

Mercury is an important part of the Solar System puzzle, yet we know less about it than any other planet, except Pluto.
Mercury is the smallest of the inner, rocky planets (Mars, Earth, and Venus) and the closest to the Sun. Its relatively high density (5.4 grams per cubic centimeter) indicates that it has a large metallic core (about 3/4 of the planet's radius) compared to its rocky mantle and crust.
The surface is heavily cratered like the highlands of the Moon, but some areas are smooth and less cratered, possibly like the lunar maria (but not as dark).
Radar data suggest that Mercury, like the Moon (see PSRD article Ice on a Bone Dry Moon), has deposits of water ice in permanently shadowed areas at the poles.
 Unlike the Moon, where water is found to present only at the south pole, Mercury has ice at both poles. (The water composing the ice deposits probably came from comets hitting the surface.)

But its not confirmed by them till now...i think it wont be also..

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