INDIAN scientist have proved the world,what indians are capable of.
With launching of many useful satellites,its new venture of creating a record of sending a unmaned spacecraft to Moon.

The so called,CHANDRAYAN-1,launched on 22nd of october,at 6.30pm from Sriharihota.

Now after long travel the 5 different modules that was carried by chandrayan was orbiting around the Nature Satellite Of Earth Moon,

MIP mission impact prototype module,landed on moons lunar surface,after the satellite was pulled out into Moons force of gravity.

Now,successfully mip har been sending pictures of the moon,it research there with tools provided on it,controled by Scientist in India.

Scientist,ceo Madhavan nayar said,"we believe tht mip and its sub modules will deep research the moon,sending tht to chandrayan,where we can get it from Chandrayan.


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