10 Facts on How SpaceX Would Send Humans to MARS Mission Plan

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We've shared Elon Musk's announcement on sending Humans to MARS Mission which will begin in the year 2018 .

Elon Musk hopes to attain self-sustained life on MARS, it would require at least 40 - 100 years to achieve that .

To make colony on MARS , 80,000 to 100,000 humans would be needed which Elon believes possible to make .

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EARTH to MARS Mission Architecture :

Mars Mission architecture,mars mission plan,Mars Mission Stages,spacex,MARS

Facts on SpaceX's MARS Mission :

Why MARS ?

The nearest Planet which has atmosphere suitable for Humans to Live from Earth is MARS . The distance between MARS and Earth is also considered than to other Planet which are far away making it even more difficult to reach them .

The availability of CO in the MARS would help to make propellant to travel beyond or to & from earth .

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Full ReUsability :

By using Full Reusability SpaceX believe to reduce cost of travel as well as the efficient .

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ReFilling in Orbit :

Refilling in orbit would help to reduce size of spaceship
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Producing Propellant in MARS :

Propellant production on MARS would make it possible to humans to return to Earth when they need .

The Right propellant to be used for MARS Mission is CH4/ o2 which has following advantage over other propellants .

fuel for Mars mission,propellant,Ch4/o2

Carbon-Fiber Primary Structure :

By using Carbon Fiber primiary structure which has high strength , corrode resistance, less weight .
Mars Mission Rocket,Launch Vehicle,Reusable Rocket vechicle

MARS Vehicle :

MARS Vehicle that SpaceX would deploy would be the biggest launch vehicle capable of carrying payload to LEO of 55,000 . 

It would stand a height of 122m , with Tank diameter of 12m , expendable payload to LEO of 550t . Check out how it compares with Saturn V .

Specs of MARS Vehicle,MARS Vehicle,SpaceX,MARS Mission

Raptor Engine :

SpaceX would use Raptor engine on its mission to MARS which can produce Thrust of 3,500 kN from fuel Subcooled liquid Methane .

raptor engine,MARS Mission engine,space rocket engine,spaceX,rocket engine for MARS mission

Out of total 42 raptor engines, Only the center cluster will gimbal while all other 35 rings will be fixed .

Engine Configuration,Raptor Engine,SpaceX,MARS Mission SpaceShip,Spaceship engine

Booster to be used in the MARS Vehicle stands at 77.5m Height, with 12m diameter capable of carrying propellant mass of 6700 t .

Booster will return to earth within 20 - 30 minutes and lands vertifically , so that it can be reused to other launches .

MARS Vehicle Booster,Booster,SpaceX,Mars Mission Rocket Booster

MARS Spaceship :

It can carry upt 100 people with luggage, food, equipments of around 450 tonnes .

MARS Spaceship,configuration,SpaceX

From Interplanetary space, the ship enters the atmosphere , either capturing into orbit or proceeding directly to landing .

Using its aerodynamic lift capability and advanced heat shield materials, the ship can decelarate from entry velocities in excess of 8.5 Km/s at Mars and 12.5 Km/s at Earth .

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Initially SpaceX would place a small propellant plant on MARS which will be expanded with future missions to produce high volume .

Timeline :

First launch to take place in 2018 where SpaceX would send unmanned Spacecraft to MARS with equipment .

The first Human to MARS will be sent in the year 2024 .

MARS Mission Timeline,SpaceX,MARS,Stages of MARS Mission,Earth to MARS Mission

Source : SpaceX .

What do you think of SpaceX's plan to send Humans to MARS ? Share your thoughts . 

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Galaxy Rising - How Do Our Milky Way Galaxy Look Like ?

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galaxy images,galaxy,rising,universe,galaxy from MARS

This is How our Galaxy Look like from Space .

There are billions of Galaxy on the space , Milky Way is the Galaxy our earth & solar system is in .

Age of our Miky Way Galaxy : 13.2 Billion Years .

Watch Elon Musk's Mars Mission Plan Details 2016, Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species

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SpaceX Founder, CEO Elon Musk discussed plans on How SpaceX would send Humans to Mars. The technical presentation outlines everything from Rocket engines to Colonizing Mars by Human Population of around 80,000 to 100,000.

Musk said, the self-sustained life on Mars would be possible and would take around 40-100 years .

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Making Humans a Multiplanetary Species :

Elon Musk has plans to send 100 - 200 people to Mars with less amount of cost per people . It's a technical presentation presented at International Astronomical Congress 2016 .

Watch the complete video to get an idea of How SpaceX would send Humans to Mars, How the Mars Mission will take place, What type of Rockets be used to transport humans to Mars .

The size of spaceship / rocket / booster / tankers / engines everything has been discussed on this video by Elon Musk.

How the propellant be produced in the Mars, How many days will it take to Reach & Return from Mars .

The first Test of the Raptor engine will take place in 2018 and other parts of the mission will also be conducted in collaboration with NASA & other space agencies / Govt .